Silicon Valley Fellowship.

4-8 February 2024, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Our goal

We bring the 20-year expertise of Silicon Valley Study ​Tour to create a unique opportunity for students and ​entrepreneurs to be fast-tracked into Silicon Valley ​through fellowships held in and around the city of San ​Francisco.

It’s a deep dive into the expertise of heads of Global tech ​corporations, professors of Stanford and Berkeley, and ​founders of successful companies.

This experience has already inspired hundreds of fellows ​and has changed the lives of many who are ready to tell ​their stories. With it, we strive to shape the next academic ​and entrepreneurial class.

What to Expect

Industry-Leader Talks

Heads of world-leading companies delivering talks and sharing their expertise on-site.

Academics fast-tracking you into their area of expertise, sharing its most critical advances and drawbacks.

Visits to companies and Universities

Spending half a day in the life of Google employees, Amazon Engineers, Stanford academics, investors and founders.

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

Like several alumni, during this fellowship you could meet your cofounder, your future research supervisor or earn a referral.

The Industry and Academic Leaders

Delivering Excellence to our Fellows

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Michele Catasta

VP of AI @Replit | Google X

Federico Faggin

Microprocessor inventor | Olivetti

Giacomo Marini

Co-founder of Logitech

Loris Degioanni

Co-founder of Sysdig

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Massimo Sgrelli

GP at Lombard Street Ventures

Silvia Console Battilana

CEO @Auctionomics | Stanford

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Andrea Esposito

PM @Tesla | MIT

The Alumni

Thanks to the Silicon Valley Study Tour, this program has ignited ​inspiration and successfully guided over 800 alumni to the heart of ​Silicon Valley over the past 20 years, spanning 50+ editions. Over the ​years, a consistent theme emerges: alumni return home with transformed ​mindsets and fresh ideas. Many have indeed subsequently launched new ​companies, embarked on academic pursuits, or secured positions in ​Silicon Valley.

Alongside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these success stories and ​experiences have been collected in the book: “Tra Italia e Silicon Valley: I ​migranti tech dal 2000 al 2023”.

Ready to book the flight?

4-8 February 2024


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